Macbeth vs stalin

Topics: Soviet Union, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Macbeth Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: October 29, 2014
both are power hungry and paranoid. Macbeth killed his best friend and numerous other people when offered the prospect of power. Stalin had political opponents assassinated, arrested, and run out in order to ensure that he would rise to power. Macbeth, once he got power, became paranoid and twisted. Stalin had his secret police, who even turned each other in once in a while. However, Macbeth is fake, while the more inhumane one actually walked this world at one time not very. Stalin was motivated by himself whereas as Macbeth was motivated by his wife. Stalin never showed remorse but Macbeth did. well, both of them were communists. they wanted full control of everything, and both killed people for it. both powerful rulers until their downfalls. Both Joseph Stalin and Macbeth came into power under false pretenses, King Duncan meant for Malcolm to be king and Lenin towards the end of his life started to question Stalin's motives while in power. Killing members of government and his friends became a past time for the man of the hour. Anyone dared to defy his ideals were "taken care of". Macbeth also had a similar method of who he got rid of; Banquo was the most definite turning point in Macbeth’s character. Killing his best friend and loyal servant to the throne. Both Macbeth and Stalin's wife's killed themselves, neither showed any feels of regret or remorse. Through-out history, similarities have been found between historical figures and fictional characters. The character “Macbeth” created by William Shakespeare for the play “Macbeth. One of the most easily explainable examples of this would be with previous soviet ruler, Joseph Stalin. Stalin got to power by creating a platform of trust while being the General Secretary. He was extremely close to Lenin and his supporters. As Macbeth was to King Duncan, loyalty and trust to the previous head of power, he eliminated the threats to his power.
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