Macbeth Theatrical Review

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Theatrical Review

Overall, I thought the play was fantastic. I enjoyed the dark atmosphere that the director created that helped enhance the plot and mood of the play. I also appreciated the great deal of work and effort the actors had to put in, to present a play written in a different form of english. The actresses that played the witches did an excellent job portraying the insanity and mysterious values of the witches. I also thought the Porter did a great job, as he brought some much needed comic relief the play. To be quite honest, I can’t think of any characters that didn’t give a good performance. From what I saw, no characters messed up lines, cues or made errors that had an impact on the outcome of the play.

I thought the director for the most part did a fantastic job. The setting he created seemed to have no set time, or date, but gave a good feeling on how he wanted his audience to portray his showing of Macbeth. The wooden structure in the center of the stage was an extremely useful, and smart idea for a prop. Because of its structure, it was used as a door, window, it could be taken apart and used as weapons or props for the actors, and it also symbolized a latter that could not be climbed just like Macbeth’s journey to becoming King. The highly choreographed fight scene between Macbeth and Macduff in the final act, gave a suspenseful climax that I’m sure all of the audience enjoyed. Because of this fight, I would’ve liked to see how the director could show the killing of Duncan, instead of leaving it offstage just as it is in the book.

The play enhanced my understanding of Macbeth a ton. I am generally a spatial learner, so watching something is much easier for me to understand than reading. The props, acting and facial expressions in the play helped me understand many scenes in the play. A lot of the time shakespearian plays can be hard to understand so getting to go to watch the play was definitely beneficial in my understanding of...
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