Lung Cancer

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The Health Risk Profile estimated that anyone’s risk of developing lung cancer compared to the average person. The risk factors of any cancer are ones that you cannot control which include genetics, environmental, or behaviors of the past. Ones you can control are your diet, exercise, smoking, exposure to chemicals, and future environmental exposures.

Screening tests or early detection is usually hard in a lung cancer patient as there are usually no symptoms. In up to 25 % of people who get lung cancer, it is found by accident on a routine chest X-ray or CT scan. The symptoms related to the invasion of the cancer cells may interfere with breathing, which intern can cause shortness of breath, wheezing, chest pain, and coughing up of blood. It can also spread to the bones causing excruciating pain. Cancer that has spread to the brain may cause blurred vision, headaches, seizures or even stroke.

Some non-specific symptoms seen with many cancers, including lung cancers, include weight loss, weakness, and fatigue. Psychological symptoms such as depression and mood changes are also common. Although lung cancer is treatable, in most cases the treatment is only partially effective.

Compared to a typical woman my age, the risk of developing lung cancer was in the MUCH ABOVE AVERAGE category. Due to the fact of smoking since age 19, but quit 7 months ago, lived in a smog-riddled city for 14 years, and continue to live with a smoker. Family genetics plays a factor into the equation. We lost my Grandfather and Aunt to a very fast moving lung cancer within 10 years of them both quitting smoking.

The assessment tells us that genes contribute to less than 15% risk of getting cancer and behavior is up to 60%. Medical care affects less than 10% when it comes to lung cancer. Screening will help to lower the chances. Chest X-rays, sputum, CT-scans and whole body CT-scans regularly will help to catch anything in the early stages. Due...
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