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School Issue
At our school there are variety problem that is occurring every single day. But the most out of all the issue that happen at our school, is that student seem to be quite upset with the cafeteria lunch. I’m not surprise by this issue because, I’m also the one is going to agree with the students. And this is the reason why I’m concord with them. First of all is because, there are two long waiting line. And this is what making a problem in lunch break time. The longer the line is made the more kids keep jump in the line (they are cutting).And when the line is so long, but the time of the lunch is not that long (is a short time.)I think they should making into more than two lines. Spread it into three lines maybe or making the time for the cafeteria lunch longer. Second issue of the cafeteria lunch is they don’t have enough food or not enough material. Most of the kids will not have adequate vitamin that they will need it in their body system. And the reason why they don’t enough food is making the same food most of the day, also most of the time they run out of material, like (sauce)-ket Last but not least, about the cafeteria lunch issue is kind involve in with the second issue. Is of how most students skip lunch or skip class to go to the next lunch (the second or third
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