Lucky Plush Paper

Topics: Performance, Dance Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Lucky Plush Productions: Cinderbox 2.0
Cinderbox 2.0, directed by Julia Rhoads, is a captivating performance with various underlining themes. The beginning of the performance grabbed the audiences’ attention by forcing them to view four different every day scenarios simultaneously. This was of course a little confusing at first, then it slowly turned into a unifying performance when each scenario slowly formed into one routine with all six performers.

Throughout the performance there seemed to be a specific theme that unified the dance from beginning to end. This theme included utilizing technology, social media, and branding. Although at times this theme seemed to dissolve and become forgotten, the majority of the dialogue seemed to reincorporate the use of the theme. The use of this specific theme is clever due to the audience relating to the quirky and underlying messages. For example, the conversation that the performers were having towards the end of the performance, they spoke as if they were commenting or tweeting to each other with the use of hashtags. However, there was not a sense of beginning and ending, since the ending became the beginning (confusing, I know). The reoccurring beginning, however, could allude to social media literally never ending since our smartphones can keep us connected anywhere we go. A great example of branding, and how it affects our everyday lives was the use of Fiji Water. People tend to purchase products simply due to the commercials they view on television, or the popularity of the object between both their peers and public figures. From the beginning to the end of the production, the Fiji Water was present in not only their conversations, but in a dance routine as well. The audience seemed to laugh and enjoy this silly commercialization of a specific type of water, however they may have not noticed that we over commercialize products almost every day unintentionally. The fact that this was such a huge part of the...
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