Luck and Hard Work

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Although some people don’t believe in luck at all; however I think a little bit different and even though I believe in hard work as an important factor for success; however I believe in chance or luck in many situations which success could depend on them. Let go through explanations and examples and see what I meant.

First, to be frankly I am a hard working student. I try hard to achieve my goals and although sometimes I achieve my goals, there are lots of situations I have experienced before in which I have lost because of bad luck. To clarify this, let show you some examples. As an enterprising man, I have enrolled to participate in a national examination; I had studied hard and had prepared completely for the exam. Unfortunately only a few days before the exam date a disaster happened and I got cold and it last long till a week after the exam. There for, even though I had prepared for the exam I couldn't do well in it. Other instances occur every year. So, if I were lucky anything could go right.

Second, everyday life is occupied by lots of situations based on luck and although being a hardworking man could help you to be successful; however it's luck that in those situations definite that who would win or lose. Let think of a man who has an important meeting. He knows how much it would last long from his house to the meeting location. So he comes out from his house and drives in the street by his car, suddenly his car's radio announces: " Because of an accident the way in which he's driving have been closed.” In this case he may lose his important meeting although he was careful about anything he could control.

The last but not the least, many people think that luck and chance are two absurd issues which nobody should notice and care about them and it is just being enterprising which could bring you success; however I don't think so, and I believe in luck as an important factor for being successful in the life.
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