Lower class

Topics: Social class, Sociology, Working class Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: October 4, 2014
Lower class
Americans do not often discuss the class separation that exists in today’s society, but we all know there is something going on. The government helps supports the lower class, so that the lower class can also enjoy their lives without having to work. Dr. Daniel’s analysis about the underclass and its relationship to the government is accurate based on poverty, criminality, and family fluidity. One of the aspects that allow the lower class to remain in their specific position is because of poverty. A lot of the time, the lower class will not take the initiative to work because they claim to get “paid”. As Anthony Daniels quotes “I get paid on Friday”(Daniels), they are not actually getting paid but rather are receiving state benefits and feel entitled to have them without doing any work. The correct term they should be using is “I received my check on Friday”. And for this reason the lower class does not feel necessary to work since they receive a check every Friday. So, what happens if they do decide to work? Well, when and if they do decide to work, they will usually end up regretting it. The US Government is basically saying “… we had destroyed all economic incentive for the latter to work” (Daniels). Here in the US, if you start making more than a certain amount of income, all your states benefits will get cut-off. This concept is super deadly because they still need support and are still struggling to become financially well. Lastly, the lower class does not think about the future. Most of the time, they will be concerned with paying of bills (living on a day to day basis), or spending it all on the spot for luxurious items. Many successful people know that saving for the future is exceedingly important and truly beneficial for them. Criminality in the lower classes is a choice that can be steered clear of. Committing crimes for drugs is something that happens quite often and here is the reason why “Dishonest passivity and dependence...
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