Love Monologue

Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: September 20, 2006

Love at first sight - I thought it only existed in Love Stories until I saw you. My stomach jumped, my heart started to race when I saw you on the crowded dance floor. I couldn't stop staring at you, I caught your eye but quickly turned away embarrassed. My friends couldn't believe I was interested in someone that looked like you - tattoos, piercings my parents would be horrified. To me you were the only person in the crowded room - could you feel the same way? Could we spend the rest of our lives together? Grow old together? I thought I was going crazy thinking these thoughts when I'd only just seen you. I wanted to talk to you but I was too shy, what would I say? I looked across the room but you were gone, would I ever see you again? It was time to go, when I went outside you were there - you came up and talked to me and the rest of our lives started at that moment.

They say time flies when you're having fun and the last 4 years have gone so quickly I wish I could have just 5 minutes more.

I was right, my parents hated you - they couldn't see the real you, only the outside image. I hated lying to my parents but every moment away from you was an eternity. The big thing I learnt from you was to Love Each Day - did you know our time together would be short? It took me 6 months to tell my parents about us, and it was you that gave me the courage, I could do anything with you by my side. It took time but they finally saw the real you - how could they not love the man who cherished and idolized their daughter?

I'll never forget the day you proposed to me, our wedding and the birth of our daughter. Every day was special and filled with memories that I will cherish forever - like Sarah's first birthday when you brought home our new puppy Shadow, Sarah's squeals of delight and excitement will never fade in my memory. Or the time you brought home a Christmas tree that was way too big to fit in our lounge room, but you made it fit and we...
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