Love Is the Root of All Happiness

Topics: Positive psychology, Emotion, Happiness Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: October 2, 2008
Love is the Root of All Happiness
Someone once said “ Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” (Joseph Addison) The meaning of happiness is different to each individual. Ones happiness could be playing a sport, while ones happiness could come from a religion. Happiness is a word thrown around like a football. One always wants to catch the ball, but sometimes they miss and the ball hits the ground. Happiness is essential to get through life peacefully. I believe love is the root of all happiness and without love happiness can not be found. Love is essential for happiness because it provides safety, confidence, and enthusiasm.

Love is essential for happiness because it provides safety. To be safe means to reach a level of comfort where being with someone makes one feel protected. To feel protected most of the time should make one happy. Once, my house got robbed in the middle of the night. Even though I was scared, I still felt a sense of security knowing my parents were around. I knew in the back of my mind they would not let anything happen to me. When one loves another, whether family or partner, the responsibility of keeping them safe becomes higher. A sense of comfort and safety causes happiness to increase in ones life because they know they will never be alone.

Loving oneself for who they really are is essential with happiness. If someone believes that they are unattractive and have a horrible personality, chances are other people will believe the same thing. However, someone with confidence in who they are will make them more attractive and more people will appeal to them. Confidence is important when trying to find happiness. “ You can not love, if you do not love your self,” (Point of Grace) is a lyric filled with truth. People who have the confidence to wear what they want or try something out of their element, without caring what others think, prove they...
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