Love and War

Topics: Black people, African American, White people Pages: 9 (3435 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Black Youths Are Slaves to Stereotypes
Slavery in the United States of America was officially ended in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln with the Emancipation Proclamation. This new world order encourages individuality for all people, no matter the race, ethnicity, sex, or nationality. Unfortunately, the Black youths across the United States have failed to promote individuality by continuing to promote negative stereotypes of the Black community. With all of the negative images being produce about the Black community by the Black youths I believe that Black people are slaves, not in the sense of whips and chains, but slaves to false ideas, beliefs, and stereotypes. With TV programs and urban music reinforcing these slaves mentality, millions of Black youths are falling victim to these idol jabbers. Unless a sincere effort is made to end this neo-slave system, the Black community will face an extremely difficult and frightening future. Stereotypes of the Black community date back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Most of these stereotypes were, of course, negative. The claim that gold teeth, dreads, and the way they talk is a part of the Black culture is just one of many stereotypes that Blacks, especially in the South, try relentlessly to live up too. Culture is usually consistent over the course of hundreds of years and is generally considered the way of life for an entire society. While style, on the other hand, changes drastically very often and is usually sporadic. Gold teeth and dreads have only been popular within the American Black community for roughly 25 years and have only been extremely popular for the last 10 to 15 years. That would easily classify gold teeth and dreads as part of a current style, not a part of culture. A majority of Black youths feel as if they must be slaves to these false ideas and worship this new plantation system that is commonly referred to as style. Another stereotype that Black youths strives to promote is the idea that if you don’t act like the “typical” Black person then you are a sell out. While I will admit that it is very disappointing to witness a Black person turn his or her back on their people, that should not be considered in the same class as striven to be something more in life than an adult “posted” in front of a bodega, in the flea market, or some random parking lot for hours at a time. Unfortunately, most people forget that diversity is the key to a unified people living in peace and prosperity. When we forget to champion diversity we help lay the foundation for catastrophe within our society and help keep our future locked in slavery. A sell out is somebody who runs from the problems that faces their people, thus landing them in the category of slaves. An emancipated revolutionary addresses and attempts to solve the problems of his or her people, while those people are still lost in the darkness. One would think that with STDs, HIV, and AIDS prevalent within the Black community that sex education and safe sex, or at least, abstinence would be promoted, but it isn’t. The idea that if you are a Black male and not promiscuous then you are less of a man or gay is the belief. When does being a whore make you more of a man? It does not, it just help to spread disease among already afflicted people. A real man doesn’t sin for six days and nights and then try to play dress up on Sunday mornings. Being a whore should not be taught to the younger generation; rather, the idea that a real man does not get married then break his vows a year later should be promoted. The Black community helps to promote theses stereotypes to the world and to Black youths by sending the wrong message through music and movies. The Black youth in America are basically imitations of what they see on BET and other networks. The idea that material wealth and vulgarity is the corner stone of life and should be the top priority sends the wrong message to our future. Now that the youth are imitating what they...
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