Louis Xiv and Peter the Great

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Absolute rulers like Louis xiv and Peter the Great strengthened there

countries butweakened them economically. They made great improvements

to the armies and social aspects of the kingdom. But when they were improving

all of these things it ended up costing them a great deal of money. Was it good to

have a great army and government if everyone had no money? Absolutism is a

political theory holding that all power should bevested in one ruler or other

authority. Both Louis xiv and Peter the Great considered themselves to be absolute

rulers and they had divine right.

Louis xiv changed France in many ways. He helped and hurt the growing

nation. In order to become a true absolute ruler Louis xiv needed to make sure

that ll the power was contained in himself. So he did a very clever thing, he took

the nobles power out of the government. And to make sure they didn't realize

that their power was being taken away slowly he gave them positions in the army

(doc.7). This now made france a true absolute monarchy. All the power was now

in louis xiv. He made all the decisions and no one could stop or disagree with

him. Unlike the middle ages where the system of government was the feudal

system and the nobles contained a great deal of power this is a radical idea and

change. One of the many focuses of louis xiv was to strengthen the army. Louis

xiv made Marquis de Louvois his Grand Marshall of the army. Louvois attracted

soldiers with descent pay, bonuses, medical care, decoratrions and opportunity

for advancement(doc.7). This was very unusual for the army. This helped the

army tremendously. His army was the largest and most modern in europe. This

helped and hinderedfrance. It helped if france waged war or needed to defend

itself. Or even for intimidation. But all these bonuses and the descent pay for

100,000 men took its toll on frances economy.

Peter the Great was an absolute ruler of Russia. He obtained his power

through succession. he was declared Tzar in 1682. But due to political forces

he was forced to share his power with his brother and sister. But his sister

Sophia was overthrown and his brother Ivan died. Now peter had the sole power

of ruling Russia (www.cityvision2000.com)Petermaintained his power by

keeping the people happy and giving them new benefits. He improved the

economy when he opened Russia up to western europe. It helped the economy

because now people were able to trade with western europe. He modernized

Russia and brought it into the society of the western world which it was

disconnected from. Peter as Louis xiv had many things to change to his new

empire. One of his main goals was to regain access to the baltic sea and baltic

trade routes.This was the cause of the Northern war with Sweden. It started in

1700 and lasted for 21 years(www.cityvision2000.com). This was a smart

move.. Like Louis xiv Peter the great used his army to gain power and

intimidation. Peter the great was the first tzar to create a russian army and navy

(www.cityvision.com). Considering that Peter was at war during most of his

reign it was a good idea for him to have a strong and modernized army. As

Absolute rulers Peter the great and louis xiv both realized that they needed to

have a large army to have a great empire. The army is the foundation of the

empire it protects the nation and also gives power to it. Peter the Great also

reorganized the whole government system. The senat was now the highest

government institution. Also now there was a new poll tax which gave Peter the

funding that he needed for boosting national manufacturing and trade and for an

active foreign policy(www.cityvision2000.com).Peter the Great, like Louis xiv,

took the nobles out of the government and placed them in less important places

where they wouldnt...
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