Louis Vuitton Survey Report

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Report on expanding ‘Louis Vuitton’ a brand of LVMH in India.| November 28, 2012|



This report is made to understand whether a brand like Louis Vuitton can enter the diverse and upcoming Indian market. This report has surveys and analysis about all the current sale and marketing scenario of Indian market. It also aims to help our CEO to decide whether to invest in this market or not. The next question is in which part of this market to enter first. And which product line to enter first in India. All this information is given in this report. -Akshay Musle

Table of contents

Sr No| Description| Page Nos|
1| Acknowledgement| 3|
2| Executive Summary| 4|
3| Introduction| 5|
4| Terms Of Reference| 6|
5| Procedure| 7|
6| Surveys| 8|
7| Findings| 11|
8| Recommendations| 13|
9| Conclusion| 16|

I would like to acknowledge the support of our LVMH management who help us throughout our progress. We also like to thank the finance team to give us all the available data. I would like to thank Mr.Prasanna Bhaskar who help us throughout our surveys and our analysis about this topic. Above all, our CEO Mr. Bernard Arnault, who gave us the opportunity to carry out these surveys.

Executive Summary:
This report will present the current scenario in the Indian Market for the Louis Vuitton Brand products. It will then project the wide scope for the brand in India. And then proceed with the steps to be taken to go ahead with its expansion in the Indian market. The report will also include the core competencies our brand has for the Indian market and the threats it may face during its entry and expansion in India.

In the yearly end sales meet held on 1st September 2012, Tikka Shatrujit Singh, chief representative in Asia for French luxury firm LVMH, the parent company of Louis Vuitton propose an idea to open store in the upcoming Indian market. The targeted cities are Mumbai and Delhi. Mr. Singh said. "This is the last frontier to be opened. It will make India a preferred market," To this the CEO of our company LVMH Bernard Arnault agreed to expland Louis Vuitton in Indian market and ordered the marketing manager to form a team of 6 sales executives and start working towards this project. Mr.Prasanna Bhaskar was hired to help the team in survey and also to start the first retail store in India with a promise to make Mr.Bhaskar Retail Manager of Louis Vuitton first store.

Terms of Reference:
Date of meeting: 1st September 2012
Date of submission: 28th November 2012
Authority: Mr. Bernard Arnault, CEO LVMH
Purpose: To expand ‘Louis Vuitton’ a brand of LVMH in India. Work to be covered: understand the market scenario in India through a Survey and comment. Time: The time given to complete this project was 3 months.


To find the details as expected for the report, we took a survey to find out the current sale scenario in the Indian Market as follows: * Calculated the total sales of LOUIS VUITTON in India.
* To find out about the awareness of the brand among the Indian people, we conducted various small scale surveys via internet and through one on one questionnaire at various malls. * To find out the core competencies and weakness, we conducted another survey among LOUIS VUITTON customers at LOUIS VUITTON brand outlets.


The first observation made was that a major portion of the Indian customers are familiar with Louis Vuitton as a clothing and accessories brand. But they are not familiar with its parent company LVHM.

The next observation was that the average Indian customer won’t be able to accept the pricing system that LV follows.
From the survey it was found that Delhi is the most preferred city to enter with our brand...
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