Louis Braille

Topics: Braille, Blindness, Slate and stylus Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: February 10, 2011
In this world today tons of people are blind, like Louis Braille. Today some of the blind kids are poor that cannot go to school and some of them are that can go to blind schools. In this story Louis Braille struggles rigorously to create new system of reading for blind people. and how his system is received at the the first and second time and the differences between them. Louis Braille’s dot system received at first .for example “In 1824 he made his reading system, only his friends were excited, teacher’s didn’t listen to him. He began to think different patterns for every letter. In other words when he introduced his system, only his friends were excited because they got cheer full that now they got a new inexpensive reading system. This is relevant because this was the first time he introduced his system, thinking of different ideas and patterns and only got blessings from his friends. Louis Braille’s dot system received at the second time. For example “he would not give up, in 17 years old he became teacher and in the age 18 he introduced his dot system outside”. In addition “his dot system was spreading along the world .the people started calling Brail to his language. Also people started calling him “the man who opened more doors for reading”. In other words Louis Braille was a man that never gave up he was so attracted in helping the blind people, so that’s why he became a teacher in age 17and he still he didn’t stop of creating a new system of reading so in age 18 he introduced it outside and it got really famous and really helped the blind people to read simply. This is critical because the second time he received his system it really captivated the blind people. The contrast response at which the dot system received at first and second is that, the first time Louis Braille’s friends were cheer full and his teacher’s...
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