Gilded Age

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History 1302
November, 13, 2013

Thesis statement: during the gilded age there were created several documents that expressed the way the different social groups were thinking and feeling with the changes in the society.
There is no doubt the gilded age was a key historic moment in the developing of the United States of America to become the place that now we know, during this period the economy growth thanks to the combination of certain factors such as the appearance of great businessman who built the corporations that were the bases of the economy and a huge improvement in the technology. This historic moment set the path to became into the society that now we are. The assembly line together with the mass production and was established during this time. It also was a time of corruption one of the most important things that this time gave to the world is the institution of monopolies. Henry Demarest wrote an article called “wealth against commonwealth” in 1894 This article was written with the intention of showing what was really happening in the world of the monopolies during the gilded age. The author probably was motivated by what he was watching; the inequality between the rich and the poor, too many were poor and just a few were extremely rich. He described the wealth as some kind of infection, He thought that we were losing the liberty that we earned by falling into corruption trying to be wealth. Demarest mentioned that many rules were established to avoid the acts of corruption by the monopolies leaders, but they had not too much success an all remained the same. According to henry Demarest who said “if our civilization is destroyed , it will not be by, barbarians from below” (50) to refer that these businessman who owned these powerful corporations were the ones who will destroy the society .Henry Demarest stated that “monopoly is business at the end of its journey”, he said this because he was thinking that this business where lacking on transparency and loyal principles by part of the wealthy businessmen who were hungry for luxury and power. He criticized the system by complaining about how it is supposed to be perfect in theory but it is changed in the practice to protect all of these incredibly important businessmen. This is what he said but he omitted to show the version of the businessmen, the might differ to what Demarest was saying and maybe had some evidence to back them up , but we cannot know that because he only focused on what he thought was the best for the majority. The truth is that he openly exposed what the majority of the citizens were thinking. This document seems to show pretty much what was really happening in that age, he have reason in a large number of his statements. We already saw the opinion of the majority in the words of Henry Demarest, now is time to see the story from the other side from the eyes of one the most important businessmen of all time; Andrew Carnegie, Carnegie as said It before had a great importance during the period of the gilded age, he wrote a document called “wealth” in 1889. This document was created to try to put in plain words what the essential goal really was for the wealth people and their wellness. Carnegie focused on how the wealth people should think. “the biggest problem of our age was the proper administration of wealth” Andrew Carnegie (52), this was a statement Carnegie made to show how the wealth is not equal for all. He also remarked that luxuries became more necessaries during this age by comparing what the past generations had and what newer generations were able to afford, he mentioned that there were just a few of wealth people for a reason, the less wealth people were, the most powerful they could be, this means that they could be able to make bigger changes for the benefit of all. He truly believed in always doing something good for society, he thought that the best way to...
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