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Lotion is a bath and beauty product for hands and body, available in different scents. Starting a business selling lotion you've made yourself takes proper planning and knowledge of this popular market. Your success will depend on the strength of your product, how well you reach your target market, and positive customer feedback. Develop both your signature scents and your plan before you start your business Many companies that market their products through distributors sell quality items at competitive prices. But some offer goods that are overpriced, have questionable merits or are downright unsafe to use. The Federal Trade Commission warns consumers to apply a healthy dose of caution before buying products advertised as having "miracle" ingredients or techniques and guaranteed results. Many of these "quick cures" are unproven, fraudulently marketed and useless or even dangerous. Before using one of these products, the best prescription may be to check with a health professional. Our company is concentrate on not only the beauty of the women especially for woman after had baby. The skin at their stomach will have some rifts and it will become ugly base on their age. Know about the thing what make women worried, our product will sell the lotion which have natural ingredients. It not only can solve the problem but also not bring any bad effect to the user. MARKETING MIX

Marketing mix of any company involves 4P’s of the company. These areas given below: * Product: a product is something that satisfies a set of wants that customers have. When you buy a set of wine glasses, for example, you are buying them because you want to drink wine and you prefer not to do so straight from the bottle. You may also want to impress your dinner guests with your taste, and choose to do so by possessing a particularly fine set of wine glasses. Moreover, a product can be either goods, performance of a service. The product audit is an important way for the management to keep in touch with the effectiveness of product differentiation. * Place: an integral part of the marketing mix and of equal importance to the other components. Place is concerned with the channels and outlets, including physical distribution, stock handling, warehousing and transportation. There are many outlet types; of these the superstores are collectively increasing their power over manufacturers. Businesses can benefit by using distribution and the availability of their product as a source of competitive advantage. * Product cost: the cost of a finished product built up from its cost element and therefore the total cost of a product/service consists of the following.

+ The cost of materials consumed in making the product or providing the service.
+ The cost of the wages and salaries (labour) of employees of the organization, who are directly or indirectly involve in producing the product or providing the service.
+ The cost of other expenses, apart from materials and labour costs. These include items such as rent and rates, electricity bills, gas bills… * Promotion: any effective communication relies on all the elements of the process working; the sender; the receiver; the message; the channel of communication; the feed system. Promotion comprises advertising, sales promotion, publicity and the sales depending on the nature of their business. Promotion activity may have either a pull effect or a push effect or both. Product segmentation

These all products will be segmented on the basis of the following factors: * Demographics:
+ on the basis of age: 25- 40 and >40
From 25 years old, people will graduate from university and start their work, base on this situation, the demand of using domestic had higher than before and the trend is increased. For human, especially for women, the 40 age is an important milestone. After 40, the skin will be dry and rift, vitality. The demand will be increased strongly. To satisfy the customer’s demand, our...
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