Topics: Human, William Golding, Morality Pages: 4 (1565 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Belen Zamorano
Mrs. Eckenroth
Adv. English II/6
4 May 2013
Good vs. Evil in Human Nature
Human nature: a concept so intricate and esoteric that it has caused bewilderment in the minds of the most intelligent men to have walked on earth. Morality- an important component of human nature- is the ability to choose between right or wrong. Tracing back to our roots, Adam and Eve`s act of disobedience, it is evident that since the beginning of times man has chosen to do wrong, showing that human nature is bad. Still, some insist of its being good, like Socrates, a Greek philosopher, who argued that ``it is impossible for a human being to willingly do wrong because their instinct for self interest prevents them from doing so``. Nevertheless, looking at tragedies like the Holocaust or World War II, one has reasons to believe that man is definitely wicked and evil. William Golding begs to differ and believes that although man is indeed bad, he is also capable of good. His allegorical novel, Lord of the Flies, scrutinizes our iniquitous human nature and reveals mankind`s true potential for evil, acknowledging, however, that good could be found in the most remote areas of man. One indication of the evil in human nature is the hunger for power. The first act of power in this novel was the blowing of the conch. This white conch shell, found by Ralph and Piggy, becomes symbolic of authority and the beginning of civilization on the island. The children try to imitate civilization and impose democracy as they ``vote for chief`` (22). The need for the life that they were accustomed to drives the characters (all boys) to create a type of society in which rules are made and a leader is chosen- Ralph- primarily because he blew the conch. Ralph then decides that he will ``give the conch to the next person to speak… and he won`t be interrupted``, showing his willingness to allow the boys to participate with opinions but always under his control, like any democratic leader would...
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