Lord of the Flies Essay Questions

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Mrs. Mckniff Essay topics
Assignment: You will be writing a four paragraph essay on Lord of the Flies. Use Jane Shaffer format throughout the paper. Also, each body paragraph MUST include at least one quotation CD with proper in-text source citations. Choose only one essay topic

Chapter 6: “Beast From Air”
1. Consider the character of Jack Merridew. How does he appear to be a qualified leader? What are his actual qualifications? Would he be a good leader? Why or why not? Compare him to Ralph. Who is better suited to lead the boys? Generally sum up why Jack’s character is introducing anarchy on the island and how. Chapter 7: “Shadows and Tall Trees”

1. The scene in which the boys beat Robert is a crucial development in the story. Examine this situation. What do the boys’ actions say about their descent toward savagery? Why is it so surprising that Ralph eagerly takes part in the ritual? Why does he? What do the boys’ actions after the beating say about their situation? Chapter 8: “Gift for the Darkness”

1. Trace the boys’ gradual descent toward savagery to this point in the novel. What does it say about the nature of the beast? What is the beast? Who are the boys most closely related to it? When has it shown itself already? Where is it? Why don’t they see it? Chapter 9: “A View to a Death”

2. What is the meaning behind Simon’s death? How and why is he killed? What is he doing when he is killed? Why do Ralph and Piggy have a part in his death? What part do they play? Chapter 10: “The Shell and the Glasses”

1. How do Ralph, Piggy, and Samneric react to their roles in Simon’s death? What does this tell you about them? What does it tell you about the boys in general? How is this experience related to Golding’s theme that the flaws of mankind are inherent in man’s nature? Chapter 11: “Castle Rock”

1. Trace Roger’s evolution from “dark boy” to sadist. What behavior has he expressed that has gradually led him to evolve into a frightening and dangerous...
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