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Topics: Seven deadly sins, World War II, Sin Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: October 8, 1999
In William Golding’s novel The Lord Of The Flies, each character represents a part of society. Jack, the leader of the choir boys and hunters, represents parts of society which can be broken down in three ways. The first part is Jack in society as a whole. Here, this blood thirsty savage is a symbol of all that is chaotic and disorderly. The tall, scrawny, “ugly without silliness” boy is constantly trying to break away from Ralph, who is orderly, and his rules. For example, Jack always breaks the rule of speaking while holding the conch. He interrupts almost everyone, especially Piggy, when they are speaking. The fact that Jack frequently picks on Piggy is a symbol of how brawn and brutality will often overwhelm intellect (Piggy represents the intellectual part of society). Jack even goes as far as to break Piggy’s glasses, another symbol of order and society, which shows how he is going to later destruct and eventually destroy every last part of normal society that remains on the island. The second part is life and death. In this case, Jack represents death. This is first symbolized by Jack’s black choir cloak, since black is associated with death. When Jack first appears, he comes out of the “darkness of the forest” and Ralph, the symbol of goodness, cannot see Jack’s face because his back is to the sun. Darkness can be another symbol of death. Also, blood is something that we often can relate with death, and Jack is obsessed with killing the pigs on the island and shedding their blood. The blood shows how Jack turns into a savage, since at first he is afraid of the blood but he eventually is thirsty for it and smears it all over his own body and those of his followers, showing how he was practically in love with the blood and death of the pig. The third part is how Jack relates to certain aspects of religion. Jack breaks practically all of the seven deadly sins associated with evil people. He lusts for...
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