Lord of the Flies

Topics: English-language films, Kill, Civilization Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: March 20, 2006
The lord of the flies relates, to society in many ways, Golding's lord of the flies is highly demonstrative of Golding's opinon that society is a thin and fragile veil that when removed shows man for what he truly is, a savage animal.

When Jack, Ralph, and Simon, first land on the island they and survey their new home. While finding their home the boys have their first encounter with the island pig. When Jack see's a piglet caught I some of the plank, Quickly Jack tries to kill the piglet with his knife, Instead Jack hesitates. Golding states that "The pause was only long enough for them to realize the enormity of what the downward stroke would be." What golding is saying is that the society taboos paced on killing are stilled ingrained with Jack. Now, the next encounter is Jack's first killing of the pig, There was a description of a celebration, The boys were chanting "kill the pig", cut her throat, "spill her blood". The action of killing another living thing gives them pleasure.

The murder of the sow, Golding describes the killing almost as a rape, He says "Jack was on top of the sow, stabbing downward wherever the pig fleshed appeared, Jack found the throat, and the hot blood spouted over his hands. The sow collapsed under them and they were heavy and fulfilled upon her. This case is that it is certain that animal savagery is displayed by the boys. Because they have been away from organized society for such a long time, the boys of the island have become Golding's view of mankind, vile, destructive beast.

Golding shows that the longer one is away from society the closer to his view one becomes, the institution of civilization does not escape his criticism. Also, Golding shows through many examples that those who are "civilized" are just as prone to violence and war as those who are isolated The first example occurs when the boys attempt to emulate the British Demorcratic government. The boys prize the adults that run the government as the best decision...
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