Lord of the Files

Topics: Pleasure, Hedonism, Pleasure principle Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: June 4, 2006
An extract from the title Lord of the Flies was amidst the scene where the boys are hunting a sow. While on the literal sense the perception of this extract seems to be just killing a sow, this extended metaphor highlights the boys transformation into savagery, how its demonstrated is through use of imagery. At this point in the novel, the boys have been castaways for an extensive period of time now and with no adults and no females, their loss of social order leading to anarchy among the group, all propelling their desire for self-gratification which is stirring up inside of them. The boys discover a form of pleasure through hunting, showing in killing of the sow that the images used represent the hedonistic act of pleasure seeking behaviour, where the hunt is portrayed to represent fulfillment of sexual desires, suggesting the act of rape. The imagery conveyed in this extract operates through use of emotive language and dark adjectives to detail the boys brutal and savage behaviour to emphasise the loss or order, how being absent for organized society presents new means in obtaining pleasure and self gratification, highlighting the change to barbaric and brutalism.

The extract begins in a hostile and sinisterly tone where it details the boys attempt to abduct and seize the sow. "but the sow got away with the sting of another spear in her flank. The trailing butts hindered her and the sharp, cross-cut points were a torment." Using painful imagery such as sting, spear, sharp, cross-cut points to emphasise the sows struggle and anguish in its attempt to escape. The image of multiple spears embedded in the sow's backside accentuates the vicious and unmerciful temperament of the boys illustrating their willingness to achieve what they believe as pleasurable. "She blundered into a tree, forcing a spear still deeper… any hunter could follow her easily by the drops of vivid blood." Giving the image of excruciating pain as the spear further penetrating into the sow...
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