Looking For Alaska

Topics: Question, Death, Mariana Trench Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: November 5, 2014
'Looking for Alaska', John Green's Debut novel was published in 2005.The novel is about a group of lost, but additionally very intelligent teenagers, who attend Culver Creek Boarding School for their first junior year. They are on the contrary to shallow, more or less precise opposite; Alaska Young, Miles Halter and Chip Martin's thought are as deep as the Mariana trench. Their complicated way of looking at life, thirst for an adventure, seeking simplicity and comprehension in an intricate world will eventually end up hurting them. "If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane" was Miles imagery of Alaska after her tragic death. Even though the novel is written via Miles perspective the entire structure of the story revolves around Alaska's death. This is from one hundred and thirty six days before, where we see Miles as a dull, anti-social geek; to one hundred and thirty six days after where we see Miles as 'Pudge', a well developed man with friends, who smoked cigarettes and drank wine. Even before the actual death occurs, death is a recurring theme, from Alaska's mother's death to Miles trying to find out what happens to oneself upon dying. Miles is obsessed with peoples last words; dying words. The very actual thought of last words completely fascinates him. Alaska is a character in this book who is completely associated with death. It has played an important role in her life and will play an important role in the lives of the characters lives after her life is brought to an abrupt end. It makes the characters rediscover so much more about about themselves. We become acquainted with the characters through their actions and conversations. Alaska Young behaves in a most reckless manner.is such an interesting, beautiful, enigmatic individual, nevertheless so self-destructive. Just two days before she is gone forever, the boys learn that they hardly knew the girl they love so fervently (during 'Barn Night'). January 9th, 1997 was the turning point...
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