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Conflict of Looking for Alaska

By ayogggg Mar 30, 2014 323 Words
Miles struggles in finding himself and who is truly is, looking for The Great Perhaps. In the before section of the book, he starts off as plain Miles, he is unhappy and has no friends. Once he starts attending Culver Creek, he is now Pudge. He starts to do rebellious things, such as drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. After Alaska dies, he finds the real him He discovers The Great Perhaps and moves on with his life. Throughout the book he isn’t just looking for The Great Perhaps, he’s looking for his true identity. Alaska’s death helps him with discovering both of the goals. His self-identity crisis is his character vs. self conflict.

Chip, Miles, Lara, and Takumi all try to figure out how and why Alaska died. They are trying to find out whether it was a suicide or an accident. They are extremely determined to find answers. They came up with a lot of clues. An example being is a note they found in Alaska’s book The General in His Labyrinth she wrote “Straight and fast,” which was her answer to get out of the labyrinth of suffering. So they thought that this correlated to the way she died, by crashing into a police car without swerving, going straight and fast. However, the whole thing is a mystery and no one will precisely know how she died. That is character vs. character external conflict.

Chip, also known as The Colonel, constantly have prank wars with the Weekday Warriors. The Colonel hates them because they are the rich and snobby kids. They both disagree with everything that they do. One part in the book, the Weekday Warriors duct taped Pudge’s arms and put him into a lake and nearly drowned him to death. The Colonel became indignant and put blue hair dye into his hair gel. This is another example of external conflict, specifically character vs. society.

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