Lonely Hearts Wendy Cope

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Writing Assignment on Poetry (Lonely Hearts pg430)

Classy Classifieds; Lonely Hearts

"Lonely Hearts" written by Wendy Cope is an enjoyable piece that draws readers in with its simplicity and straightforwardness. The title of the piece, tells the reader exactly what the poem is about while the writer’s thoughts are followed throughout the length of the poem with the writer's unique style. Cope's approach of classified advertisements captures the reader's imagination and understanding that one may be so desperate to find love that he would go to many extremes to find someone special. Through word choice, diction, imagery and irony, she keeps the reader’s attention.
Cope, starts her poem with a modest request, “Can someone make my simple wish come true?” As ‘simple as this wish may be, the reader is left to identify a number of things. Is their multiple speakers or just one deranged person, who is entangled in a web of problems? The vocabulary itself isn't so unusual, however, the requirements of the "seeker" is. It's contradictory for a straight man to seek a ‘gay vegetarian’ or a ‘bisexual woman.’ That leaves the reader to believe the ads are from a cross section of person who live or desire a person from “North London” and has no desire to seek somebody from outside this area to make their “simple wish” to come true. The author is repetitive with this notion and the repetition leads the reader to consider the speakers to be in a state of desperation. The writer use these as examples, to show the depth of loneliness and how far the "seekers" will go to find love reverting to the classified ads.
The words used are easy to understand and don’t require the use of a dictionary but it goes hand in hand with the idea of reading a classified ad. The word choice is still dramatic and helps to paint the picture of the person or persons placing these ads. This simplistic approach allows the reader to make a decision on who the speaker is and what they are looking

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