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Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Brand Pages: 24 (6710 words) Published: January 8, 2011
Executive Summary3
2.Situational Analysis5
2.1Environmental Trend and Development Analysis5
2.2SWOT of London Biscuit Berhad Promotional Activities6 3.Current Market Positioning7
4. Competitive Analysis8
4.1 The Competitors8
4.2 Competitors’ Strengths and Weaknesses9
4.3 Competitive Trends9
5.Behavioral Sequence Model10
5.1 Target Audience11
5.2 Segmentation Approach12
6. Current Marketing Mix Analysis13
7. Marketing Objectives15
8. Communication Objectives16
8.1 Hierarchy of Effects16
9. Promotional Budget18
10. IMC media plan (1st May 2010-30th November 2010)19
10.1Newspaper Advertisement21
10.2 Television Commercial (TVC)22
10.3 Radio Advertisement23
10.4 Email Advertising23
10.5 Mobile Phone Service (SMS)24
10.6 Out-of-Home Advertising (OOH): Taxi Advertisement24
10.7 Out-of-Home Advertising (OOH): LRT/MRT Advertisement25
10.8 Online Advertising:25
10.9 Outdoor Event:26
10.10 In, On, Near Pack Premium27
10.11 Sweepstakes27
10.12 Magazine Premium28
10.13 P-mail Advertising28
10.14 Brand Placement on TV Programs29
10.15 Bonus Pack29
10.16 Schools Sponsorship:29
11. Evaluation and Control30
12. Conclusion32
13. Appendix33
14. References34

Executive Summary

A detailed analysis of London Biscuits Berhad’s (LBB) internal and external is done through the use of their current product analysis. A thorough description of LBB’s market operations through the use of the marketing mix – 4Ps, is also mentioned. The target audience of LBB’s previous IMC campaign is too vague, and a new target audience is identified. The behavioral sequence model is then used in relation to LBB’s new target audience. A SWOT analysis of LBB’s promotional activities and marketing mix is done in conjunction with its competitive frame through the use of a positioning map. An analysis of competitors’ strengths, weaknesses and competitive trends is also prepared including LBB’s current marketing strategy using the PEST factors. Realistic marketing and communication objectives such as increasing product awareness and increasing product purchase are also made. The coordinated communication programs include a detailed description of various forms of media used such as print media and outdoor events and how LBB strive to deliver a consistent message to the target audience. This will be systematically organized into a time frame of seven months and the communication programs will fall within a budget of S$1,200,000. Finally, an evaluation had been done on the effectiveness of various media on achieving the objectives of our campaign. To conclude, there should be a significant increase in product purchase and market share after implementing the recommended communication programs.

1. Introduction
London Biscuits Berhad (LBB) is a homegrown Malaysian company established in 1994, specializing in producing individually packed and ready to eat products. By 2000, LBB has emerged to be the pioneer in the cake products industry, producing cakes with 8-12 months of shelf life without the need of refrigeration. (London Biscuits Berhad, 2009) The focus of this report is to develop a realistic and integrated marketing campaign to promote one of LBB’s main products – London Choco Roll. London Choco Roll is perceived as a snack that is only enjoyed during leisure time by everyone. With the successful launch of the integrated marketing campaign, the perception of London Choco Roll will then be changed to that of a healthy and nutritious snack that is popular and well received by children. The report will address the problems that LBB Is facing, the competitors in the industry, LBB’s communication process and their current marketing mix strategies. An evaluation of the promotional program that is selected to achieve LBB’s marketing and promotional objectives will then be made.

2. Situational Analysis
The situational analysis...

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