Logan Davis Shrinking Moon Lab Report

Topics: Hypothesis, Measurement, Scientific method, Sun, Observation, Sky / Pages: 3 (667 words) / Published: Mar 13th, 2013
Objective: The objective of this experiment was to find out why the moon “shrinks” as it goes from its rising point on the horizon to its highest point in the night sky. The way I decided to test this was by standing in the same spot periodically throughout the night and had a ruler in my hand. I fully extended my arm so that I knew it was in the same spot in relation to my line of sight and then proceeded to measure the moon. I began my observations as the moon rose in the sky and after every hour I would return to the same spot to observe. If my observations are correct, it should prove my hypothesis to be true.

Hypothesis: We all know the moon does not actually shrink, but I do believe that when the moon rises it appears to be much larger than it does when it reaches its highest point in the sky. I think that after the moon rises to its highest point, it will shrink down a half an inch on the ruler.

Thursday November 29, 2012: The moon rose tonight at 7:40 PM. As I began to observe, I noticed that the moon has a distinct red-orange tint to it. It appears to have some sunlight reflecting off of its surface. The moon at this point measures at roughly 1 ¼ inches in diameter on the measuring stick.
Friday November 30, 2012: The moon is now at its highest point in the night sky and it is now approximately 1:45 AM. The red-orange tint has gone away as there is no more sunlight for it to reflect. The moon has definitely shrunk as the night has progressed. It appears to be roughly ¾ of an inch in diameter when my arm is fully extended. This is roughly the same amount of a decrease as I had predicted in my hypothesis.
Friday November 30, 2012: The moon rose tonight at 8:10 PM and appears to be roughly the same diameter as the night before. Granted, it is no longer as full as the night before, but still roughly the same. I measured 1 ¼ inches tonight as well as last.
Saturday November 1, 2012: The moon reached its highest

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