Local Method of Chira Processing

Topics: Farmers' market, The Omnivore's Dilemma, C Pages: 4 (663 words) Published: September 4, 2010
Local method of “Chira” processing

Introduction: “Chira” (beaten rice) is a local food of Bangladesh. Chira is a is a type of rice which is flattened into flat light dry flake.  It is a type of breakfast specially in rural and semi urban regions. It is prepared from rice and is a low cost wholesome food with good nutritional value. It can be consumed in different ways by soaking raw in water, fried, with curd or milk, etc.

Background: Local method of “chira” processing is an organic process. Where today’s modern machines are not used. It is important to make this process organic because most of the time chira is taken directly with water or milk. Though some industries produce chira commercially and they are using machines also some chemicals which are not good for health. So we should encourage the local process of chira processing.

Objectives: Local method of chira processing is an organic process. It is also done in artistic way too. Some local Equipments & materials are used in this organic process.

Equipments & materials: Paddy, Bowl, Sieves, Dheki, Stoves etc.


Main process: At first Paddy is cleaned and graded to remove impurities and then it is soaked in hot water for about 45 minutes. After drying it is roasted and is beaten by dheki to make flakes. These flakes are passed through sieves to remove uneven and unwanted materials and to obtain flakes of fairly even size. Then it is ready to eat. Now a days modern machines are used to make huge production of beaten rice.


Methodology: To know all about chira processing I searched over internet and also talked with some producers.

Study period: I studied about 15 days about chira processing to know the local method of chira processing. I searched over internet for the information and also talked with my aunt who often make chira in her own house.

Primary information: From my Aunty Mrs. Farida parvin
Secondary Information: From internet specially encyclopedia....
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