Quality Control and Scrumptious Cuisine

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Description of Business
The Scrumptious Cuisine will be a partnership business consists of two owners. This will be a clean restaurant with ambience that will allow customers to enjoy scrumptious meals. It will cater to both meat lovers and vegetarians. The mission statement of the business will be “To offer excellent services and food to the consumers so as to make them feel pleased with the outcome and leave them wanting to come back”.

This entity will be located at 106 hope road, Kingston 20, Jamaica, West Indies.

Three reasons for choosing this location are:

* Availability of transportation: We will locate the Scrumptious Cuisine in an area which the structures of the roads are in good condition. So workers and products can be easily transported to their work station and market.

* Location of raw Material: we will situate near one of our major suppliers which is Grace Kennedy Company L.T.D.

* Proximately to Market: It will be closed to the market, as it will be an area where other business are an hundred of customers pass through this location daily.


These types of labor which will be required at the scrumptious cuisine are skilled, semi skilled and professional.

* 2 MANAGERS: To engage in the function of management, which includes planning and organizing?
8cxc passes, at least 6 grades 1s
* 2 CHEFS: Persons who will be preparing the meal desire by our customers. Diploma in Food Preparation and Handling Management


* 2 WAITERS: To take order and assists customers
At least 7 cxc passes 1s and 2s and one foreign language required.

* 1 JANITOR: To clean the work place to accommodate customers and make them feel * supplies. We will be receiving a loan of $500,000 from the Nova Scotia Bank and four months of 10% interest. It will be used as our fixed capital.

Role of the Entrepreneur
As the owner of the Scrumptious Cuisine restaurant, He or she must engage in risk and uses initiatives in on attempt to make profits. He/she provides funding organized factors of production self target to be met and monitor what is being done to ensure what the goals of the organization are met. The entrepreneur must instill new ways, to undergo task an to introduce fresh ideas and techniques. He she creates production for market and market for production. Natural resources e.g. Human capital and entrepreneurial skill to keep the product machinery in action.

* Conceptualizing: The entrepreneur must formulate ideas regarding the type of business, and the type of product that can be put on the market. He /she must also think of the size of the production in order to make a profit. * Accessing funds: the entrepreneur is responsible for raising funds finances before production being and whenever the business records additional capital for expansion. * Planning : Entrepreneur will consider the future, and what is to be done in the future with regards to what has been conceptualized.

The type of production that will be use in the business is a territory production , this type of production involves the provision of services can be direct where the customers and the providers work together or indirect, where the service is routed through other or commercialized where the firm produces the services to the entire population.

The type of production that will be employed of scrumptious cuisine will employ its domestic. This is don primarily for family and friends an others within the country.

Scrumptious Cuisine will be inspected to ensure that it is clean n edible for the consumers and the maintaining of a desire level of quality in the meal or carefully planning, use of proper equipment. to ensure that persons who are handling the foods have food handlers...

Bibliography: BIBLIOGRAPY
I am very thankful to everyone who all supported me, for I have completed my POB,SBA effectively. I am equally grateful to my teacher. Mrs. Helps, she gave me moral support and guided me in different matters regarding to the topics, she had been very kind an patient while suggesting me the outline of this SBA and correcting my doubts. I thank her for her overall support.
Fixed capital is money used to purchased assets which stay in the business fo a period of time. Some examples of assets which will be purchased from fixed capital are: refrigerator and computer, working capital is money used in the daily maintenance of the business. Examples of item that maybe purchased with working capital or rubbish bin and cleaning supplies ‘We will be receiving a loan of $500,000 from the Nova Scotia Bank which is to be repaid in three years of 10% interest. It will be used as our fixed capital.
Each which including the entrepreneur, will be required to have a food handlers permit. They are also required to take medical examination to satisfy the authorities that that they are in good health as otherwise could spread diseases.
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