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ASTRA – Hardware renewal

This proposal is offering bundled solution for upgrading existing ASTRA automation systems:


Following components of proposed upgrade are included:

* Hardware
* New automation servers incl. diagnostic display at the front panel * New ILC6 cards with 16x RJ45 – RS232/422 each
* Moxa not needed anymore
* New switch over unit
* New VRP6 (LTC In) card
* 1 year warranty for hardware extendable up to 5 years

* Software
* Complete onsite centralized system upgrade / update
* Intense analysis of the system for improvements
* System core update for NUE compatibility
* System core update delivers compatibility with Studio 2 application

* Target
* To have NUE ready fully updated server hardware and server software automation system components with cost effective price. * Full hardware warranty
* Future proof, because of new modules and new firmware * Ready for new features

HW system upgrade
List of existing ASTRA hardware
The following items will be replaced with new ones:
List of hardware|
Name| Location| QTY| Description|
ASTRA Main automation server| | 2| |
ASTRA Mirror automation server| | 2| |
ASTRA Switchover unit| | 2| |
ASTRA Server
A rackmount industrial PC is used as the core server. It is built on a rugged 4 RU 19" chassis with redundant power supplies, dual system disks, and fine dust filters. Installed are the VRP genlock card and 1-3 ILC cards plus other communication cards. The secondary hard disk is for back up the system and data. Two Ethernet network cards are included. First card connects the servers to the private network of ASTRA terminals. Second card connects the servers to the customer’s IT network. The ASTRA server runs the ASTRA software modules and uses a character-based interface for system maintenance.

Automation server|
Item| QTY| Description|
PC computer| 1| PC computer: industrial 19“ rack, backplane 1xISA 11xPCI, processor card (Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3GHz, 2GB RAM), 2*HD 250GB, or better| Network| 2| 1000BaseT Ethernet|
VRP6 card| 1| AVECO genlock card, includes videoreference BNC input, LTC input, 7 GPI inputs, 15 GPI outputs| ILC6 card| 2| AVECO RS422/RS232 controller card. Each card includes 16x RS422/RS232| QNX | 1| Version 4.25 or above|

SQL server| 1| Sybase Anywhere SQL server V 5.5 or above| ASTRA server| 1| the control and data management software|

ASTRA server
SW system upgrade - optional
Existing automation server software components will be updated to their latest versions. Upgrade keeps current functionality and opens easy way for further system extensions. New features suitable for the customer need to be discussed individually. Astra core system will be preconfigured to support later upgrades of clients (terminals) to new user graphic interface NUE. Prices

All prices are in Euro.
The prices in the Automation table are recommended end user prices and include 25% margin. The prices in the Services table are Aveco sell prices and do not include any margin.

HW system upgrade|
Item| Unit price| Qty| Total|
ASTRA Automation server MAIN (incl. 2x ILC6 = 36 RS ports)| 10000| 2| 20000| ASTRA Automation server BACKUP (incl. 2x ILC6 = 36 RS ports)| 10000| 2| 20000| ASTRA Switchover unit| 7600| 2| 15200|

Automation system HW total| 55200|

SW system upgrade - optional|
Item| Unit price| Qty| Total|
10% from the end user prices of current SW installed base.FREE of charge only if valid software support contract applied.| 12200| 1| 12200| Automation system SW total| 12200|

Item| Unit price|...
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