Liz Addison Two Years Are Better Than Four Analysis

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The Title of the essay that I chose to read was Two Years are Better Than Four by Liz Addison. The title caught my attention because it is stating that community college is better than a four year university but in a way that makes you want to read. Another reason why it caught my attention was that if I had no idea what the essay was about I would want to know why 2 years are better than four. A way she could have made it better however would have been if she stated what the years were talking about for someone who might not care. For example, she could have said is Community College Better than Traditional or something along those lines. The title however did manage to catch my attention.
A Claim is to state or assert that something is the...

This essay has only one expert who is named Mr. Perlstein. What it says about Mr. Perlstein is simply that he is a graduate from The University of Privilege. It is never mentioned in the essay what Mr. Perlstein majored in in college as well as his professional occupation after that. It just simply said that he graduated college. As far as credibility goes on an expert that you know nothing about there is none. There is too much information missing about that person to make him a credible source in this essay. That was the only expert mentioned throughout the essay. The essay like I mentioned earlier was more of an opinion based essay so that is probably why there is only one expert.
Contradiction is a combination of statements, ideas, or features of a situation that are opposed to one another. In the essay I found zero contradictions towards the claim. She did state the oppositions point of views but only to expand on them to make her point even stronger. The language throughout the essay was professional as well but was intended for a younger audience like high school seniors or college freshman to maybe get them to think of what they should do after graduation. As for an assumption in this essay there was none to be found as...
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