Living Together

Topics: Marriage, Alimony, Divorce Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: April 17, 2013
People all over the U. S struggle in deciding whether they should or should not move in together before marriage. I believe that especially young people moving in together before marriage cannot be helpful because they become unsatisfied with marriage; they can have a higher risk of divorce, and they can also have frequent arguments and disagreements. People can become unsatisfied with marriage because they are living together before marriage. Living together seems reasonable, but then marriage does not seem like it is anything special or anything that needs to happen. They become satisfied with what they share and compromise themselves to what they are already sharing. Marriage may not seem like a significant thing it may seem like an ordinary thing. In reality marriage is a very important and significant thing and it is something that should viewed as something special and not just seemed as something that does not matter. Moving in with someone is a very important commitment that is being made with one another and should be very a well-thought decision to make. Unmarried people that move in together run a higher risk of divorce, because they have experienced what it is to be living with one another without commitments and actually knowing what it is to have an actual stable home. Unmarried people living together have different expectations of what it is to live together, such as: doing whatever they want and their stuff belongs to them, rather than in a marriage it is a thing called “team work” something that they have not experienced because they are so accustomed to what they already had coming and going as you please. In my personal opinion divorce is not an option and moving in with someone before marriage should be very carefully thought and discussed there is a lot in between may seem like there is not but there is. Frequent arguments and disagreements can start to occur. Men and women who have lived together before marriage are likely to become...
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