Living in a Foreign Country Cannot Be Better That Living in Your Own.

Topics: Second language, Better, Culture Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: February 20, 2006
Living in a foreign country cannot be better that living in your own.

Since the beginning of civilization people have to struggle with everyday problems. It is widely believed that life in a foreing country is free from many difficulties that we have to struggle with in our country, however, living in a foreing country has more drawbacks than advantages.

First of all, one of the foremost disadventages of living in a foreing country is the language barrier, as one's first language will always remain the leading one. When moving to a distant land people believe that the quality of their lives will improve, unfortunately the reality proves to be very diverse, because learning a foreing language is offen not as uncomplicated as it seems to be at the beginning, as people learning a new language often encounter some difficulties. For this reason, one's new homeland will remain outlandish to some extent.

Secondly, not only the language but also the sundry cultures can be claimed to be a further disadvantage of living in a foreign country. Never has it been more palpable that immigrants cannot assimilate into an alien culture immediately, bacause some people find it hard to accommodate themselves to the new living conditions and some find it impossible. Even if one's quality of life is improved, this does not necessary lead to contentment, as in a distant country one will never be at home.

What is more, from the emotional poit of view the major downside of moving to a divergent country is hankering for people's family and friends. One can say that human will make new associates, nonetheless, new friendships the will not make us forget about the people we love. Nothwithstanding the enhanced standard of life, one will always feel forlorn and miss their mother coutry, where they have left their beloved relatives.

All things considered, it can be concluded that people's mother country will always have a special place in their hearts, as it is the...
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