Living in Large Cities Is Wonderful

Pages: 2 (796 words) Published: August 10, 2011
Living In A Large City Is Wonderful
Living in a large city has numerous advantages for people of all age groups from children to the elderly because of the ready availability of multifarious amenities and services in all walks of life, from basics to luxuries. With better living conditions, education, jobs, transportation, media and other governmental services, people prefer staying in large cities; hence, they are largely populated. Children can play and develop learning skills together, from childhood itself as there are a number of playschools available. With presence of several parks, rides and play areas, elderly children can relieve their stress from the burden of school homework. Teenagers and youngsters are ever brimming with energy, so they want to be at the top of the world. With the heightened level of competition these days, what better place can they get to show their talents? As they grow up, they set goals for themselves, and with a vast number of high schools and universities in big cities, they can easily study and pursue the career of their choice. Many of them offer a number of courses in sports and games, which the students can avail of and pursue as their profession. Moreover, such cities have a lot of entertainment opportunities like cinemas, clubs and bars, where they can enjoy parties and gatherings with their friends. Once the students graduate, they want jobs with good salaries to develop their careers, and as large cities have various types of large-scale and small-scale industries and businesses, there are many jobs available. Many of the multi-national companies and corporations have also set up their businesses here, and these offer lots of high paying jobs. Moreover, big cities are home to many government departments, which require numerous employees to run them; hence chances of getting jobs here are very bright. As these cities are densely populated, companies have no difficulty in finding consumers for their products. This is...
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