Live Performance Paper

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Live Performance Paper #2

My second live performance paper was done at the same place as the first paper, Tate Street Coffee on Tate Street on Thursday December 4th. I know that we are suppose to go to a different venue, but I ran out of time and I was happy to see that the musicians that were performing that night were different than the first time I attended. With that being said, Tate Street Coffee is a very small venue tucked in to the middle of a very busy area on UNCG’s campus. I got there a little bit early, so I could get a better seat than last time… unfortunately that did not work out because it was pretty packed with people just kind of hanging out. To describe the place, it is kind of a narrow bar/coffee shop atmosphere; all the tables are very close together and a performing area in the back just big enough to fit a drum set, bass, keyboard, and a guy playing the trombone. Out of nowhere the guys that were performing just kind of appeared in front of their instruments and started playing. This was a little different than the first time I went because there seemed to be one of the guys that was clearly acting as the leader for the night and introduced everyone, but this time that was not the case. They just started playing with no introduction, I just seemed less organized, but that’s ok, it was just a jam session.

The trombone playing a very soft and very slow solo that was very short started off Song #1, and then the bass and the drums jumped in to keep the beat. The drummer was tapping the high hat over and over, and then the keyboard started playing so accompanying melody very softly too. Out of nowhere the drums and bass started playing louder and much quicker and then everybody dropped out except for the piano. His solo also started out very slow and soft, but quickly picked up the pace to a very smooth flowing sound. The drums and bass came back to help keep the time for the keyboard player. The most fun part of this song was the bass...
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