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Concert Report - TCU Jazz Combos

By xnightowlx Feb 10, 2015 881 Words
Concert Report
The name of the concert that I attended was called “TCU Jazz Combos” and featured a variety of jazz compositions. This concert took place in the Pepsico Recital Hall on November 14, 2012 at 7:00 in the evening. The event was casual; however, I chose to wear khaki pants and a button down shirt because I was not certain as to what the dress code would be. The performers’ names and their respective instruments were Mike Korson- Saxophone, Garrett Wingfield- Saxophone, Luke Wingfield- Trumpet, Alex Neal- Guitar, Edo Frenkel- Piano, Will Gilstrap- Bass, Russell Wharton- Drums, and Tanner Webb- Trombone. During the concert they played various jazz compositions written by some of the very performers themselves. Several other pieces were more well known jazz compositions from internationally recognized artists. The concert itself was not very crowded, with pockets of individuals scattered throughout the audience. There was definitely interaction between the performers and the audience. I found this aspect of the jazz concert to be unique to other concerts. Jazz concerts are significantly less formal than classical orchestra concerts or even piano concerts in which applause is saved for the very end. In jazz concerts, after a solo it is considered appropriate to applaud, even during the middle of a piece. Having never attended a jazz concert before, I found this to be a wonderful learning experience. The first set of pieces that were performed were called Reciprocity, composed by Garrett Wingfield, and Sound of Silence, composed by Paul Simon. Not knowing what to expect, I found Reciprocity to be a very exciting and jazzy piece. Reciprocity featured solos from the saxophone (Garrett Wingfield), the trumpet (Luke Wingfield), and the drums (Russell Wharton). Sound of Silence, which followed, was more dramatic than Reciprocity, featuring various stops and starts and use of crescendo. The piece was well organized, and its composition reflected its title quite well. This piece featured solos from the trombone (Tanner Webb), and the saxophone (Garrett Wingfield). I enjoyed listening to both of these pieces. I found Sound of Silence to be better organized than Reciprocity. However, I also thoroughly enjoyed listening to the solos that echoed each previous instrumental solo in Reciprocity. Overall, these pieces were effective showcases of the performers’ talents and abilities. The second set of pieces that were performed were called The Bird’s Nest in the Fox’s Den, composed by Alex Neal, and Something to Look At, also composed by Alex Neal. The first piece featured quarter note rests throughout, allowing the piece to surprise the audience with stops and starts throughout. The Bird’s Nest in the Fox’s Den was very effective in building suspense during certain areas of the composition. This piece featured solos from the saxophone (Garrett Wingfield), the guitar (Alex Neal), and the drums (Russell Wharton). Something to Look At had a much different feel than The Bird’s Nest in the Fox’s Den. While The Bird’s Nest in the Fox’s Den was upbeat with a quicker tempo, Something to Look At was a slower piece that consistently changed dynamics. Something to Look At was probably my favorite piece from the performance. While I usually prefer faster paced pieces, I found Something to Look At to be a very enjoyable composition to listen to. I did not find The Bird’s Nest in the Fox’s Den to be especially enjoyable for me personally. It was played quite well, but I found the piece to be too jumpy in certain areas. Additionally, I felt that the piece lacked a certain level of theme, and I struggled to find a connection between the title and the music for much of the piece.

The third set of pieces that were performed were called Dolphin Dance, composed by Herbie Hancock, You Are Too Beautiful, composed by Richard Rogers/Lorenz Hart, and Spain, composed by Chick Corea. I recognized the piece Dolphin Dance from a movie, and I enjoyed listening to it very much. I thought the performers did an outstanding job on this piece specifically because of the pace and because of the level of coordination between the group that the piece required. Dolphin Dance featured solos from the trumpet (Luke Wingfield) and the saxophone (Garrett Wingfield). The second piece, You Are Too Beautiful, was a slower piece with perhaps an andante tempo. I found this piece to be alright. They played it well, but it was not one of my favorites from the concert. You Are Too Beautiful featured a solo from the guitar (Alex Neal) and ended with a solo from the saxophone (Garrett Wingfield). The last piece, Spain, was very catchy. It had a faster pace with perhaps an allegro tempo and featured a Spanish style of sound. Each member performed a solo during this piece. I enjoyed listening to this piece, and I thought that this was probably one of their favorite pieces to perform because of how well they performed the piece. Overall I found this concert to be much more enjoyable than I anticipated. I have never been much of a performance concert fan, and I am glad that I had the chance to watch a very talented group of individuals perform a very interesting style of music. I will definitely be seeking out jazz concert opportunities in the future.

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