Literature Compare and Contrast

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Literature Compare and Contrast
ENG 125: Introduction to Literature
December 19, 2011

Literature Compare and Contrast
Stories and poems are both constructed differently and have their own meaning behind them. The authors have underlying messages that they are attempting to convey to the reader using their own characterization, style, setting and rhythm that is essentially used in for the purposes of the narrative. The wonderful thing about poems and stories is that they are created from ones imagination. Through their imagination we are able to use our won imaginations to not only read the storyline that is intended but feel it as well. It allows us to use the literary pieces to create a personal connection with the literature. We use our imaginations to visualize exactly what the author is portraying in his writing; we also use our imaginations to look deeper into the symbolization and the descriptive language in the writing to develop a further connection with the piece. “A Worn Path, “The Road Not Taken” and “Used to Live Here” are three literary pieces that share the same theme but, have different writing styles. The theme behind these literary pieces suggest that the choices and decisions we make, along with our paths in life have barring on how it will end but we control our destiny.

Each literary piece tells of a single journey for example. In the Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, he was able to hint to the reader that the real purpose behind the poem was the importance of the journey that the character was taking. He also used First person narrative which allowed the reader to develop a closeness to the character. This closeness was obtained because the reader is able to visualize the journey and the struggles of the character. While in “A Worn Path”, Eudora Welty uses third person to convey the message in this story. The author uses “she” consistently throughout the story giving the reader a second hand account of the journey. While reading this story, the reader can vividly imagine the woman walking alone feeling sort of lost. Your initial thoughts were affirmed when the woman spoke to the animals, saying “out of my way, all you foxes, owls, and beetles”. These few words make the reader aware of the aloneness that she felt. The story also told of the woman walking uphill, which the reader able to identify as a struggle as walking uphill can be a challenge for anyone and the woman in the story was older. This makes the reader sympathetic to the character because you are able to feel that her journey was much harder. In Jean Rhys’ “Used to Live Here Once” was also told in third person as the story uses “she” as well. The same sense of solitude is felt in this story as in the others. The author mentions the woman “standing by the river” and “she came to the worn steps” which I related to aloneness as well. These pieces all shared the same theme while all being portrayed in very distinct ways as each character made their own individual choices. In a story or poem the plot plays a major role in how the reader will engage in the story telling as the setting influences bond that the reader will have with the story. In Robert Frost’s” The Road Less Taken” (Robert Frost 1916) the title gives the reader an inkling that the story will deal with conflict. As you begin to read you see “two roads diverged in yellow wood” which to me symbolized conflict. This alone makes the reader think further into the meaning of this statement and how the story would play out. The poem was told in first person which allowed the reader to envision themself as the character taking this journey, personally feeling the path that the character was taking. There was a part in the story that was descriptive of these two paths saying the first path “bent in the undergrowth and describing the other path as “grassy and wanted wear”. From these descriptions the reader gets the impression that even though both paths are...

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