literary devices

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Literary Devices
Alliteration: The repetition of the initial consonant sound in a series o words. It adds rhythm/emphasizes emotion. Example: The menacing moonlight created mystery Allusion: References to events or characters from history, myth, religion, literature, pop culture etc. Assonance:The repetition of vowel sounds in a series of words to add a musical effect. Example: We moaned and groaned as the horse bumped homeward. Flashback: A jump back into the past to provide an explanation of something the reader needs to know to better understand the story. Foreshadowing: Hinting at future events in order to create suspense. Hyperbole:An over-exaggeration to show intensity of feelings. Example: My heart is broken. Irony:The use of an idea, word, or phrase to elicit the opposite of its usual meaning. Two main types: Dramatic Irony- occurs when the audience knows something the characters (s) don’t. Situational Irony- occurs when circumstances turn out differently from what the reader expects or anticipates Metaphor:A direct comparison between 2 unlike things. Example: The moon was a pearl in the black velvet sky. Onomatopoeia: The sound of a word resembles its meaning. Example: Buzz, hiss, zip. Personification: Human qualities are attributed to inanimate objects, animals, etc. Pun: A play on words. Example: Make like a banana and split. Repetition: The repeating of words or phrases for emphasis. Example: School is very, very, very fun. Rhetorical question: A question asked by the writer that the reader is not expected to answer. Simile: A comparison between 2 unlike things using like, as or than. Symbol:An image that represents something else, often an idea or something intangible. Connotation: A word used that has attached meanings associated with feelings. Denotation: The exact meaning of the word without the attached meaning

Elements of Narrative
Protagonist:The main character
Antagonist:The character who causes problems for...
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