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Pseudo means false or insincere. So a pseudo listener isn't listening properly. They may be distracted and concentrating on something else (watching tv, in a daydream, or texting). They may say ah huh, yes, but aren't really listening at all.

The six types of non-listening are as follows; Pseudo Listening, Monopolizing, Selective Listening, Defensive Listening, Ambushing and Literal Listening.

As stated in the chapter, Pseudo Listening is when one pretends to listen.

When we pseudolisten, we appear to be attentive,but our minds are usually elsewhere.

Monopolizing is when one takes over a conversation, not letting anyone else contribute to the conversation. It is when one continues to focus the conversation on themselves instead of listening to another person talk.  

Usually when one engages in monopolized listening tactics they interrupt the speaker in order to divert attention to themselves.

When one engages in Selective Listening they usually focusing on the parts of the conversation that interest them or the parts that they agree with.

 Defensive Listening is when one takes what someone says as threatening. It is when one feels as if they are being attacked or criticized when in reality no one is intentionally trying to offend them.

Ambush Listening is when one listens to a story waiting for the chance to purposely attack the speaker.

Literal Listening is listening only for content and ignoring the relationship level of meaning. When one only listens literally they become insensitive to others feelings, not making the effort to understand how they feel.
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