List of Filipino Novels

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Updated on 14 June 2011

Alanguilan, Gerry. Elmer. SLG Publishing, 2010. [FANTASY/GRAPHIC NOVEL] __________. Humanis Rex! Fudge, 2005. [FANTASY/GRAPHIC NOVEL] __________. Wasted. Alamat, 2002. [ACTION/GRAPHIC NOVEL]
Alanguilan, Gerry and Arlan Esmeña. Where Bold Stars Go to Die. Komikero, 2009. [EROTICA/GRAPHIC NOVEL] Alfar, Dean Francis. Salamanca. Ateneo, 2007. [FANTASY]
Alumit, Noel. Letters to Montgomery Clift. MacAdam/Cage, 2002. [LITERARY FICTION] __________. Talking to the Moon. Carroll & Graf, 2007. [LITERARY FICTION] Añozo, Jose E.C. Project Pawai, An Adventure In The Far East. New Day, 1995. [LITERARY FICTION] Apostol, Gina. Bibliolepsy. U.P., 1997. [LITERARY FICTION]

__________. The Revolution According to Raymundo Mata. Anvil, 2009. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] __________. The Gun Dealer’s Daughter. Anvil, 2010. [LITERARY FICTION] Aquino, Abi. Drama Queen. Summit, 2003. [CHICK LIT]

Arre, Arnold. The Mythology Class. Alamat, 1999. [GRAPHIC NOVEL] __________. Trip to Tagaytay. Alamat, 2000. [GRAPHIC NOVEL]
__________. After Eden. Anino Comics, 2002. [GRAPHIC NOVEL]
__________. Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat. Tala Comics, 2006. [GRAPHIC NOVEL] __________. Martial Law Babies. Nautilus Comics, 2008. [GRAPHIC NOVEL] Babst, Arlene. Xeniteia. National, 1982. [LITERARY FICTION]

Bacho, Peter. Cebu. University of Washington Press, 1991. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] Balangue, M.D. Mr. Write. Summit, 2004. [CHICK LIT]
Batacan, F.H. Smaller and Smaller Circles. U.P., 2002. [DETECTIVE/LITERARY FICTION] Betita, Claire. No Boyfriend Since Birth. Summit, 2004. [CHICK LIT] __________. [As Claire Betita de Guzman.] Girl Meets World. Summit, 2010. [CHICK LIT] Bobis, Merlinda. Banana Heart Summer. Anvil, 2005. [LITERARY FICTION] Borinaga, Irah B. Distant Echoes. Giraffe, 1998. [LITERARY FICTION] __________. Journey. Giraffe, 2000. [LITERARY FICTION]

__________. Nine Faces of Eve. Giraffe, 1996. [LITERARY FICTION] __________. Shifting Sands. Giraffe, 1997. [LITERARY FICTION] Brainard, Cecilia. Song of Yvonne. New Day, 1991. [The Day the Rainbow Goddess Wept, Plume, 1995] [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] Brainard, Cecilia, Erma Cuizon, Susan Evangelista, Veronica Montes, and Nadine Sarreal. Angelica’s Daughters: A Dugtungan Novel. Anvil, 2010. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] Bulosan, Carlos. America is In the Heart. 1943. [University of Washington Press, 1974). [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] __________. The Cry and the Dedication/Power of the People. 1986. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] __________. All the Conspirators. University of Washington Press, 2005. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] Calica, Maya O. The Breakup Diaries. Summit, 2003. [CHICK LIT] __________. Undercover Tai Tai. Marshall Cavendish, 2008. [DETECTIVE/CHICK LIT] Casper, Linda Ty. Awaiting Trespass. New Day, 1989. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] __________. Dread Empire. Heinemann, 1982. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] __________. Dream Eden. Ateneo, 1997. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] __________. Fortress in a Plaza. New Day, 1985. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] __________. The Hazards of Distance. New Day, 1981. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] __________. The Peninsulars. Bookmark, 1964. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] __________. A Small Party in the Garden. New Day, 1988. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] __________. The Stranded Whale. Ateneo, 2002. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] __________. Ten Thousand Seeds. Ateneo, 1987. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] __________. Wings of Stone. New Day, 1990. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] Chai. Arlene. The Last Time I Saw Mother. Fawcett Columbine, 1997. [LITERARY FICTION] __________. Eating Fire and Drinking Water. Review. 1998. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] Castillo, Erwin. The Firewalkers. [Anvil, 1992]; U.P., 2003. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] Chavez, Frank. Blighted. Anvil, 2009. [HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION] Chua, Noelle. Mrs. MisMarriage. Marshall Cavendish, 2008. [CHICK LIT] Chung, Lilia...
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