Lifestyle Inventory

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Life Styles Inventory

Written by: Jamie Wright

MGMT- 591 – Leardership & Organizational Behavior

Professor: Melinda English

January 20, 2013

Many people on a daily basis strive to find out more about themselves. Whether through feedback from colleagues or superiors, or participating in studies, people can easily find out more about themselves. Questions such as “Who am I, and why do I act the way I do?” are answered by participating in this LSI survey. The basis of this paper is to dive in the results, and determine exactly what makes me tick. What defines me? Or even what has an influence on the way that I act on a daily basis. The highest percentile score for me was the Conventional style. After reading the results explanation, I came across many things that hit home with me. It was uncanny how many of the things explained from the results take place in my day to day activities at my corporation. The Conventional scale measures our tendency to act in a conforming way. One characteristic of the Conventional scale is being preoccupied with adhering to a set of rules. Relying on procedures or working through established routines is another. After some personal reflection, I came away with the conclusion that the characteristics mentioned were spot on. It was a very accurate description of how I conduct myself at work. The next highest percentile score for me was the Dependent style. The dependent style measures the degree to which we feel our efforts do not count. Some characteristics of the dependent style are feeling dependent on others, or constantly wanting to please others. You will also see the dependent style come in to play a lot when someone has recently received a promotion and might feel overwhelmed in their job. They might consult others around them for help and guidance and feel like they are not actually doing things their way, instead they are doing things...
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