Lifespan Perspective Paper

Topics: Human, Nature versus nurture, Developmental psychology Pages: 4 (1413 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Lifespan Perspective Paper

This paper will discuss lifespan development and the theories associated with the study. Humans develop according to phases throughout their lives and this paper will address these phases and what to expect and when. People learn from mistakes made in the past and apply these lessons in order to improve their quality of life. The psychodynamic and evolutionary theories will be examined in detail. Also, the significant role of nature and nurture will be addressed. Lifespan Perspective of Development

Lifespan development describes the growth that happens from the time an organism is conceived to the time of its death. A human undergoes a variety of changes throughout their lifetime: psychologically, physiologically, spiritually, and socially changes all occur. A mere fetus develops heart beat at around six weeks and from that point on, develops quickly over the remainder of the pregnancy. Each step in life people develop, little by little. Lifespan development provides us with the information necessary to understand the different phases of human life and with this information we are able to better understand what to expect from each phase (Berk, 2012). For example, children often fear the dark and require a night light to sleep, but overtime, this insignificant fear becomes less and less of a concern and eventually most children are able to sleep just fine without a night light. When a child realizes there is nothing to be afraid of, like there are not any monsters under the bed, he or she is able to sleep without the security of a night light. Understanding lifespan development is crucial and allows us to grasp the phases of life. And also, understand children and their needs for security and comfort. Young children often relay on the comfort of a pacifier or a blanket to calm them down or make them feel safe. Parents are able to understand their children and their needs with the help of lifespan development studies...

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