Topics: Law, Same-sex marriage, Melbourne Pages: 1 (521 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Australians must embrace gay marriage
The issue of gay marriage has been debated through the media and in society since gay couples are increasing. Jeff Kennett, a former premier of Victoria, has written an opinion piece, ‘Australians must embrace gay marriage’ for the Herald Sun Newspaper (published 16/05/12). There are many people who are extremely against gay marriage however there are also those that strongly believe that gay marriage should be supported legally and in religious institutions. Mr Kennett is an individual who wants a respectful country; he believes that being against gay marriage is extremely disrespectful and that it is a form of discrimination. There are few arguments mentioned by Mr Kennett; he argues that people should have a say in modern society, the church and community should consider gay marriage and laws should be changed to make citizens happy. He tries to persuade readers in agreeing with his view by using an extremely demanding tone and other persuasive devices throughout the article.

Kennett contends that people in modern society including religious institutions should contemplate gay marriage and change their view if they are extremely against the issue. The writer uses extremely influential sentences to appeal to readers to follow his opinion, “I changed my view because of the way discrimination against so many in the gay and lesbian community has caused so much stress, anxiety, depression and suicide.” This specific sentence accommodates a very powerful word, “discrimination”. Nowadays many...
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