Life Span Development and Personality Paper

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Klara Hitler, Nazi Germany Pages: 4 (1291 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Adolf Hitler was a famous individual from the 20th century. His story has been told for many years and will continue to spread throughout time because it is a memorable part of our history. He was the founder and leader of the Nazi party from 1933-1945 (Wistrich, 1997). His father was Alois Hitler, who was an authoritarian disciplinarian. He was strongly attached to his mother Klara Poelzl, she was a strong woman and a very hard worker. Once she passed away from cancer, Adolf Hitler began to show signs of moodiness, temperamental, and not willing to work (Wistrich, 1997). He moved to Vienna in 1907 and applied to Viennese Academy of Fine Arts, which he was rejected. This was the final turning point for Adolf Hitler. The Man

According to the Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team, in 1913, Hitler moved to Munich to join the Sixteenth Bavarian Infantry Regiment, serving as a dispatch runner. He was badly wounded and placed in gas chambers for four weeks. Once he was released, he had to recuperate in a hospital for three months (C.W. and CL Heart, 2007). Hitler believed this would be his fate; to punish those that had embarrassed him in front of his nation; the Jewish and the Bolsheviks. In 1919, Hitler started out with 40 members by his side and used the swastika and the “Heil” sign at greetings (C.W., at,el, 2007). In the year 1921, the Nazi Party had grown to over 3,000 members; this only fuelled his self-esteem, power, and personal growth. Hitler seemed to enjoy people being afraid of him, cowering down, and worshiping his public speeches. Hitler was thrown in jail for nine months, as his 3,000 members went up against police officers and sixteen members were killed. This empowered Hitler to change his status; he decided it was the best decision to go to elections. Unfortunately, by 1930 Nazi elections went from 810,000 to 6,409,000 (C.W., at,el, 2007). Hitler created his own army, authority, and swept throughout his the nation. He had concentration...
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