Ww2 Holocaust

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Samantha HartlingHartling, 1
Mr. Denette
A war had a huge impact on our history and society, which makes us who we are today. This war created terror and spread throughout the whole world. The “Holocaust” was caused by the dictator Adolf Hitler; he caused the bloodiest war in history killing 11 million people,6 Million of them were Jewish. He was the main problem of this war and needed to be taken down right away. The Holocaust was one of the twentieth century’s greatest tragedies that left a mark on all the Jews.

Adolf Hitler the leader of this disaster was born April 20, 1889 in a small town in Austrian, Germany. Alois, Adolf’s father was a very strict and brutal father. Alois would beat Hitler when he was a younger boy, but his mother Klara was the opposite of his dad. Klara was very caring and loving too Adolf and his other three siblings. When his father died, Hitler dropped out of school at the sixteen. Klara died in 1907, which made a huge impact in his life, he loved his mother and it’s claimed that he carried a picture of his mother everywhere, even when he killed himself in 1945. He had a passion for art and went to Vienna to become an artist and go to college for it, he didn’t get accepted to any of them and had to live with the only money he got when his father died. The Jew’s at the time were very successful; they were scholars, doctors, and artist, had money, and had everything Hitler wanted. This made him hate the Jews; he also blamed them for losing World War 1. He brainwashed the Germans into hating all the Jews in the world. He believed that Germans were the best race in the world, better than any other, especially Jewish. Hitler also claimed that Blonde hair and blue eyes were the perfect look, even though he had both dark and dark eyes.

January 30th, 1933 Hitler wanted to kill everyone off that wasn’t a German or “perfect”. The victims that were not “perfect” were the Gypsies, Homosexuals, Jehovah’s...
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