Life Of Pi Movie Analysis

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H: Welcome to the Book Theater! Today, we are going to invite a popular Canadian author, who is most famous for his Man Booker Prize-winning novel, Life of Pi. Let’s warmly welcome Mr. Yann Martel!
(Applauses Sound Effect and PPT with “BOOK THEATER” as the background)
Y: Hello! Hello! Every one! Nice to meet you, Candice!
H: Nice to meet you too! How are you today?
Y: Very well!
H: Your recent life must have been a good one, because your books are very popular and has already sold for nine million copies worldwide. So, how long did it take you to finish the book?
Y: Well, I spent 13 months in India, over three trips. I decided to write about the book during my first visit to India, so the two trips after that were for the book.
H: Oh! That...

It was my honor to meet the real author of my movie, or actually his movie.
H: We were just talking about the plot.
A: Oh!!The plot was so bizarre that it has been deemed unfilmable at first, but I did.
H: Owing to the unfilmable nature of the novelistic text, the two versions bring the mysterious factors to the audiences.
H: Ok, well, Mr. Ang, as a director of the Life of Pi, I remember there are several ideas in the book, so how did you decide which scenes could stay, and which could be deleted since all of the scenes in the book are unbelievable. I would rather give up.
A: I thought the most considerable thing is neither the truth nor what Pi experienced, but the inside world belief of himself. He changed himself from a weak boy to a strong-willed man. It was his strong desire for surviving that cause him to do things that were impossible. This unforgettable experience gave him the opportunity to understand the significance life and everything became a piece of cake after that.
H: Ok, that’s fair. I want to ask some questions to the author, so, the main character in the play is called Pi, right?
Y: Yep.
H: Why did you give him three religious to believe, well, I mean, what brought you this...

I would also like Pi to be a Jew so that he can practice Judaism, but there are explicitly incompatible between the two religions: Christianity and Judaism. So I can’t.
H: Before I read Life of Pi, I really don’t know that a person could believe in so many religions. I surely learned a lot. Your story was part base on Richard Van Pham, right?
Y: Of course I did, his story was really a mission impossible. I have actually worried a lot about the popularity when I was writing it, because I had already written two books and neither of which had been bestseller. If Life of Pi failed again, I’d have to stop dreaming about being a writer and get a real job.
H: That was quite a dangerous challenge! It must be absolutely hard also for Mr. Ang.
A: Surely, it was. I got really worried about my money. The plot that we designed cost hundreds of hours to set, and tiny mistakes will ruin everything. We need to be careful and precise on every step. Financial wasn’t the only worries, I also don’t want to upset the audiences who have been expect a lot on me and the actors. It costs us extremely big prices, but a very satisfying...
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