Life of Pi Chapter Questions

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Life of Pi Chapter Questions

Author’s Note
Who do you think is writing the author’s note? Is this part of the fiction of Life of Pi, or separate from the story?


Chapter 1
What does the sloth symbolize to Pi?

Chapter 2
Why do you think the author interrupts the story with this chapter?

Chapter 3
Why is Pi named after the Piscine Molitor?

Chapter 4
Pi states that the common believe that animals in the zoos are unhappy is “nonsense” (16). What response does he give to prove the contrary?

Chapter 5
What was Pi’s plan for his first day at school Petit Seminaire?

Chapter 6
Why do you think Pi has “a reserve of food to last the siege of Leningrad”?

Chapter 7
What is the difference between atheists and agnostics? Why does Pi feel that atheists have faith? Why does he dislike agnostics?

Chapter 8
What does “Animalus anthropomorphicus” mean? And why is it so dangerous?

Chapter 9
Explain why Pi’s father was a good zookeeper.

Chapter 10
In Pi’s opinion, why did zoo animals seek to escape?

Chapter 11
What point did Pi try to illustrate with the story of the leopard?

Chapter 12
How was tension and suspense created in this chapter?

Chapter 13
Why is a super-alpha male? What is the difference between an alpha and a beta? Why is this important to a lion trainer? Explain.

Chapter 14
Which animals do lion trainers choose to have in their performance? Why?

Chapter 15
What were the different religious artifacts found in Pi’s home? What does this suggest about his character?

Chapter 16
What did Pi mean when he said, “But we should not cling! A plague upon fundamentalists and literalists”?

Chapter 17
This chapter dealt with the essence of Christianity. What do you think Pi appreciated the most about eh Christian faith?

Chapter 18
What new religion did Pi discover? What did he compare it to?

Chapter 19
What did Pi like about the Islam religion? Why?

Chapter 20
Recount Pi’s meeting with God.

Chapter 21
How did this chapter make you feel? Explain.

Chapter 22
What did Pi mean when he stated, “’possibly a f-f-failing of oxygenation of the b-b-brain,’ and, to the very end, lack imagination and miss the better story”?

Chapter 23
What was Pi asked to do? Do you feel this is fair? Explain.

Chapter 24
How did Ravi bring light and humour to Pi’s dilemma?

Chapter 25
How did Pi cope with the attitudes of other faith believers from the religious institutions?

Chapter 26
How did Pi argue his mother’s passport analogy?
Chapter 27
Why was Santosh not able to understand his son’s interest in religions?

Chapter 28
By the end of this chapter, how many religions was Pi practicing? Does this seem strange to you? Explain.

Chapter 29
In Pi’s opinion, why do people move? What were his family’s problems?

Chapter 30
What do we learn from the author’s meeting with Mr. Patel?

Chapter 31
How does Martel create tension before Pi’s meeting with Mr. Kumar?

Chapter 32
What did the story of the dogs and dolphins suggest about animal-human relationships?

Chapter 33
What was bothering Pi?

Chapter 34
What did Santosh do with the zoo and all the animals? Provide specific facts and information.

Chapter 35
How are future events foreshadowed in this chapter?

Chapter 36
What do you think is the significance of Pi’s statement, “this story has a happy ending”? Why does Martel inform the reader of this now?


Chapter 37
How does Martel immediately create tension at the beginning of this chapter?

Chapter 38
How many days was the ship out at sea before it sank? Describe the events leading up to the ship’s “death.”

Chapter 39
Who was next to join Pi on his lifeboat?

Chapter 40
After Richard Parker’s arrival and Pi’s quick departure from the lifeboat, what made Pi return to the lifeboat?

Chapter 41
What surprises does Pi discover on the lifeboat? In Pi’s opinion, why did the sailors throw him into the...
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