Life Is a Journey

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Life is a Journey

Life is a journey of many trips to many destinations.  We are travelers moving from one destination to another: exploring, experiencing, and collecting memories.  
It does not matter how long your journey has been or how far you have gone. At the end of your journey, all that matters is how much you have experienced and enjoyed.  
We can't choose where our first destination begins and where it ends, but we do have the freedom to choose which destination to head to next. Don’t waste your freedom; use it wisely to make the right choices.  

One day you may find that you have mistakenly come to a wrong destination. You can choose to complain and stay miserable or to pack and head to a new destination. You can't restart an old trip, but you can always start a new one that leads you to a brand new destination.

When heading to a new destination, leave behind all the negativities accumulated from previous trips. Only pack with you the good memories along with gratitude, thankfulness, forgiveness, kindness, love, wisdom and hope. Pack lightly and only pack what will empower and not burden your future journey.

Sometimes it may take longer than you have planed to get to your destination, and sometimes you may never even reach it. However, the experience gained during the trip is more valuable than the excitement of reaching that destination.

There may be adventures and surprises on your journey, but be grateful that you have survived. Your journey might be too boring without them.

There may be times when your body becomes so weak that you feel as though you can hardly carry on your journey any more. Then it's time to slow down; your body needs a rest. Listen to your body, listen to what it needs in order to better function, and give it the best conditions to kick off it's powerful self-healing capabilities. Staying healthy is most important in order to enjoy your journey.  

There may be times when your mind becomes so depressed that you...
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