Life Is a Gift

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Life is a Gift

Everyone has a right to his/her own life. No matter what it is, your life that you live everyday is your choice, and you have made all the decisions for yourself everyday. This is why I believe when it comes time for is to be over, that it should not be somebody else to decide weather or not it should keep going, or for it to end. Abortion for example is wrong, in my opinion, and should not be legal. Everything happens for a reason. That baby was meant to be born, and now one should be allowed to take its life. Euthanasia is also wrong. When it is time for someone to pass, God will take him/her to a better place. It is not our decision to take it for them. What if something great was going to happen from someone who just had his/her life taken? We don't know what is going to happen next in someone's life. What about keeping someone alive for years on life support if their is little or no chance for recovery. I think that they were meant to be in a better place not stuck here on life support. For a short time, if there is a great chance for recovery, I think it is great. That is why we have modern medicine and doctors, and surgeons. Everyone's life is important, to themselves and to the people who care for them. We all have to remember one important thing though, and that is: we are not the ones meant to take life. God gave us life. We should enjoy every minute of it, and when he thinks we have lived it to the fullest, we still have bigger and better places to go. We will be able to meet him and have everlasting life. It is important for us to remember though that it will be his decision and not ours.
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