Life in Colonial America

Topics: Slavery, Connecticut, Colonial history of the United States Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: March 13, 2013
What Was Life Like for Three of These Groups (Women, Indians, Relgious Dissenters, Slaves) in Colonial America?

Life in Colonial America for women, indians and slaves, were all a little different but they did have one thing in common: they were considered inferior to the white males. They had no rights and they were treated poorly. Slaves were treated like animals, Indians were told to be savages and women were only supposed to be the supporting wife and mother.

Women in Colonial times were expected to follow the daily routine of tending the children, and following whatever their husbands said. If the husbands hit their wives, they were expected to go along with it like it says in John Winthrop’s Concept of Liberty in 1645. They stayed at home and and sewed or stood with their husbands quietly. They had no rights and were not allowed to be involved in political affairs. Their main job was just to have babies and be mothers.

Slaves were even more inferior to women because they were not even treated like actual people. In Colonial times they shipped and sold the negroes like animals. As it states in The Conscience of a Slave Trader in 1694,they were shipped with no clothes and before they sent them off they were branded like cattle. They then were examined to see which one was the healthiest, youngest and most fit which were considered expensive. They never had any education, the slave in A West Indian Planter Reflects on Slavery in Barbados(1673), he did not even know the simple workings of a compass. The slaves had to work long hours every day even when they were sick like the slave in A Servant Describes His Fate (1680), he was taken from his parents and forced to work as a slave.

The settlers had the most problems with Indians. They always said one or the other was the cause of them. Indians believed the pilgrims were ruining the land and they did not like the fact of all of the new immigrants to the area. The Indians would raid the pilgrims...
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