Life History of Siddiqure Rahman

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When we think of golf in Bangladesh, the name of Siddiqur Rahman, a prominent golf star of Bangladesh, is pronounced first of all. Siddiqur Rahman had passed his boyhood days through severe hardship. He had a childhood life of struggle and spent his days in utmost misery. Golf in Bangladesh is a game totally for the privileged quarter but glory of Siddikur Rahman can only be termed as a fairy tale. Proving him as was not just a one-match wonder. He had to work extremely hard to climb out of the poverty of his birthplace, Dhamalcoat, a slum-like area in the capital city. He is making a name for himself and for his country on a global stage. It can indeed be termed as a fairytale that a boy from Madaripur, despite all the adversity, took up the challenge to make his mark in the golfing map. Siddikur’s achievements have also opened the door for the next generation of golfers, who will surely be inspired by his achievements. Birth and Childhood:

Siddiqur Rahman is one of the most promising golf stars in Bangladash as well as in the asian nations. He was born in the district of Madaripur on the 20th November, 1984. His full name is Mohammad Siddiqur Rahman. He is also known as Siddiqur or Siddik. His father’s name is Mohammad Afjal Hosain and his mother’s name is Monoara Begum. He was passing his life through extreme poverty from his childhood. After the independence of Bangladesh, his father Afjal Hosain sifted his family from Madaripur to Dhamalkota, a nearest town of Dhaka, to get rid of the curse of poverty. There they lived in a slum area. Siddik is the third among his four brothers. In 1994 when Siddiqur was in class three in a primary school started his golf club days as a ball boy to help his father, a taxi driver, and to support his study. Next he became one of the junior caddies who carried bags for the members of the Kurmitola Golf Club (KGC) and earned only 30 taka a day. Thus, besides earning money, he got the opportunity of watching this ‘rich man’s game’ called ‘Golf’ very closely. Since then he nourished a long cherished desire that he will be a great golf player one day. One day he, with his limited ability, went to an iron stall to make a golf bat to practice himself. Four years later, when he was studying at high school level and still working as a ball boy, the KGC officials noticed the talent and severe willingness inside Siddique and the club allowed him to use the facilities to play the game with other employees- this was the beginning of his golfing career.

Primary stage of his golf career:
Kurmitola, where Rahman worked, is the country's top golf club, and only armed forces officers ranked colonel or above, businessmen and senior government officers can become members. But during 2000, the KGC officials arranged a golf match among the children of the club members and some other people from the club. Siddiqur Rahman took part in that tournament and came second. It inspired him very much to try to take the game professionally. He continued the sport because he knew that his dream to excel in this field was never a misplaced one. Phenomenal rise of Siddiqur Rahman and his struggling golf career: Bangladesh has only nine golf courses, all managed by the armed forces. In developed countries, the popularity of golf has been skyrocketed in recent years. But in Bangladesh, golf has not found a passionate audience yet that football and cricket have and is still a very exclusive sport. This may partly be due to its lack of accessibility and the fact that it does not have the broad visibility for the audience that other sports have. Another thing is that the spectators have to do a lot of 'walking' from course to course to understand the game well, while most of us prefer to stay at home. However, among a small elite group of people its popularity is increasing and a rare few are even making headlines. On such a situation, Mohammad Siddiqur Rahman is an imminent golfer overcoming all adversity. His...
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