Life factors that influence the development of individuals

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Life factors that influence the development of individuals

These are all life factors that could possibly affect an adolescence at any given time and how they affect their physical, emotionally, social and intellectual development. Genetic: Iron deficiency Anaemia

Anaemia is the reduction of either red blood cells because you don’t have enough iron in your body to produce the red blood cells. If you have fewer blood cells in your body then your organs and tissues won’t get an efficient amount of oxygen that they need. This can be common in girl adolescents because they lose blood during their menstrual cycle so can affect them more. There is more than one type of anaemia but this is the most common. Physical

This can cause you to have less energy throughout the day because it reduces the amount of oxygen the blood is able to carry which can cause exercises such as running, to make you run out of breathe quicker. Processes inside the body such as muscular activity and cell building and repair is slowed down resulting in it being less efficient. Intellectual

Due to anaemia affecting your energy levels you may suffer with dizziness and light-headedness which means you are unable to concentrate with your work and think clearly. If you’re constantly tired then that affects your concentration levels so you may not understand everything as quickly as you usually would. Emotional

Emotionally you may feel completely drained and constantly tired all the time which could cause mood swings or you could be unhappy all the time if you’re tired. Depending on the type of anaemia you have sometimes you have to eat iron and protein to prevent this so you may feel pressured or forced into eating certain foods because they have a higher protein and iron levels. Social

Anaemia can affect you socially because you won’t have the energy to go out and socialise with people so you may stay in the house and sleep rather than go out shopping or go to the cinema with your friends.

Biological: heart problems (hole in your heart)
Hole in your heart is a simple cognitive heart defect. It’s a problem with the heart structure and are usually present from birth or can develop as you grow older. It may affect the blood flow in the heart. There are two main types of holes in your heart, one is atrial septal defect which is when the hole is in the septum between the two upper chambers. The other one is called ventricular septal defect which is when the hole is in the septum between the two lower chambers of the heart. It can cause the deoxygenated blood to be mixed with the oxygenated blood so your body may not get an efficient amount of oxygen that it needs. Physical

This can affect you physically because you may become out of breathe quicker, resulting in you not being able to participate in sports to your best because you are physically unable to. Depending on where your hole is depends on how it affects you, it may affect your immune system so that may be lower than average so you won’t be able to fight off diseases and illnesses as easily. Intellectual

It doesn’t affect you intellectual.
it can affect you emotionally because you might think there is something wrong with you and people will laugh and judge you if you ever tell them, you may think that ‘why did this happen to me’ and ‘what did I do to deserve this’ this all depends on how badly it affects you. Social

If you get out of breathe easily you may not be able to go out as much as you like as you won’t have the energy to do so. This could lead you to staying inside and not socialising much with friends. Depends on how big the hole is it could impact you on what you could do, for example drinking and smoking so if your friends smoke and drink you may not want to be with them if you are unable to as you will think it’s unfair.

Environmental: Pollution
There are seven types of pollution; air pollution such as exhaust from vehicles, water pollution such as raw...
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